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A Revolutionary Seat Increases Comfort And Blood Circulation
(for airplaines, tour buses, motorhomes, trains, office and computer users).

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A Frequent traveler has developed modified airline passenger seats, called NewSit and NewSit2, that are built to enhance sitting comfort and significantly reduce Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), a potential fatal condition, also known as "Economy Class Syndrome", which is believed to affect millions of air passengers a year, worldwide.
An ever-growing number of air passengers are becoming aware of the risk of DVT, caused by compelled prolonged immobile sitting within a limited space and insufficient leg room – as is typical for the standard aircraft seat. In the USA alone, about TWO MILLION people a year suffer DVT, half of them air passengers (See “Articles”).

According to Aventis Pharmaceuticals:

"Up to 2 million Americans are affected annually by DVT. Of those who develop PE, up to 300,000 will die each year. More people die in the United States from PE than breast cancer and AIDS combined.."

As a result, public, media and government agencies begin to understand that this unbearable situation cannot be left untreated, especially when innovative seats that dramatically improve passengers well being, exist.

Mr. Arnold Jonas, a frequent flyer has introduced an innovative sitting concept, which enables a portion of the front part of the seat to extend forward and upward. The moving part, which is button-operated, enables users to support their legs under knees, to a desired height thus relieving legs stress and enabling wiggling of the legs above the floor. These effortless exercise capabilities, which give a sensation of an easy chair, are recommended by all experts in order to improve blood circulation in the lower legs and significantly reduce risk of DVT.

NewSit has recently won a US patent, covering the concept, technological solutions and applications. After perfecting the innovative mechanism and building a few prototypes on the basis of conventional seats, NewSit was put to a series of examinations and tests, including medical assessments of its effectiveness. Recently, a comparative sitting test on a prototype model of NewSit was conducted by Professor J. Kreiner of California State University at Fullerton, California.
(See "
University Report" in this site)


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